Address Verification Service (AVS) for QuickBooks Payments

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Whenever you process a credit card transaction, QuickBooks verifies the cardholder's address by comparing the address you enter with the customer's credit card bank records.

This check is carried out using the Address Verification Service (AVS). Address verification helps merchants avoid credit card fraud and chargebacks for transactions in which the credit card is not physically present at the point of sale. What is a chargeback?

If your customer resists providing address information, you can explain that you must collect this information for the same reason a mail order business asks for a billing address over the phone.

Do the Address Verification (AVS) results affect whether the credit card transaction is approved?

ZIP code and street address

Only the ZIP code is required to complete the address verification check, but you can include street address for extra protection against fraud and chargebacks. For example, if a customer denies having made a particular credit card purchase, showing the credit card company that you collected the customer's street address may help prove that the charge was legitimate.

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